Tips For Daily Sadhana

I think its safe to say that the majority of us find a meditation or kriya that we have every intention of making a part of our daily sadhana practice. We stick to the daily practice for a week, maybe two, and then we just "forget" one day, or we have a really busy day and we just can't seem to fit in an 11 minute meditation that day. I have some tips to making your daily practice easier:

1) Write out a list of reasons and intentions that you have surrounding your practice. For example: I've been doing the basic breathe series and I do it because it makes me feel relaxed, alive, and connected. I intend to move through my life connected, aware, lively, relaxed, and joyful. I find that having underlying reasons or goals to the way I intend to show up in life helps me to stay committed to my daily practice.

2) Wake up and immediately do your practice. I find that if I keep procrastinating my practice into the evening, there is a larger opportunity for me to skip that day. The morning is such a beautiful, quiet space, especially after you have just risen. Your mind is still and you can fill it with beautiful mantra and positivity. Starting your day relaxed and connected to your higher being.

3) Start small. Nobody is holding you accountable for your whooping 2 1/2 hour aquarian sadhana commitment. As beautiful and life changing as committing to a practice like that is, its also something that you could work towards. Starting with an 11 minute meditation is a great way to dip your feet into the water, getting used to showing up for yourself and building confidence in the process. 11 minutes of meditation changes the glandular system and the nerves. Start small, build confidence and gradually extend your practices to longer lengths of time.

4) Have all day commitments for lasting change. This is a huge one for me, Its so easy to do your practice and move into your day in an unconscious state of mind. It's really easy to meet a co-worker at the water cooler and start gossiping about who did what last weekend at the office party. When you stay in your intentions, in your light, and in the truth of who you are, it becomes easier to not engage in limited conversations. Speak about the greatness you see in people, and that will give them the opportunity to show up in a greater way.

What ever your practice is, stay committed to ‘you’, committed to awakening the truth inside you, stay disciplined in getting to know you and experiencing that true power that lies within your soul.

Sat Nam,

xxo Laura


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