Meditation for Emotional Balance

Lets face it, the world is a little crazy right now, and all we can do is become balanced within and change ourselves in order to see change happen on the planet. Its all about perspectives and trusting your intuition to tell you whats really going on. Doing any type of breath excerise will help balance your nervous and glandular systems, which will release tension, and bring your whole being into balance. When you are balanced your intuition has a better chance of communicating with you. This meditation is great to do when you are stressed and you don't know what to do, you keep going over the thing in your head, you try and drop it, you say I chose to see this with love, but your mind keeps going there. Sit down and breathe. Thats it, breathe. This is the meditation for emotional balance (Sunia(n) Antar). 



Sitting in easy pose, bring your hands together in prayer mudra, in front of your heart centre, and Tune in with the Adi Mantra, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, repeating the mantra three times. This connects us with the golden chain. Connecting us to our ancestors, our teachers, the ones that come before us, the ones who are here now, and the ones who will come after us. 

Before practicing this meditation drink a glass of water. Sit in Easy Pose.

Mudra: Place the arms across the chest and lock hands under the armpits, with palms open and against the body. Raise the shoulders up tightly against the earlobes, without cramping the neck muscles. Apply Neck Lock.

Eyes: Close the eyes.
Breath: The breath will automatically become slow.

Time: Continue for 3 minutes, gradually increasing to 11 minutes.


This meditation is called Sunia(n) Antar. It is very good for women. It is essential at times when one is worried or upset and doesn’t know what to do, or when one feels like screaming, yelling, and misbehaving. When out of focus or emotional, attention should be given to the body’s water balance and breath rate. Humans are approximately 70 percent water, and behavior depends upon the relation of water and earth, air and ether. Breath, representing air and ether, is the rhythm of life. Normally we breathe 15 times a minute, but when we are able to rhythmically slow down the breath to only 4 breaths per minute, we have indirect control over our minds. This control eliminates obnoxious behavior, promoting a calm mind regardless of the state of affairs. When there is a water imbalance in the system, and the kidneys are under pressure, it can cause worry and upset. Drinking water, pulling the shoulders up to the ears and tightly locking the entire upper area creates a solid brake that can be applied to the four sides of the brain. After 2 or 3 minutes, thoughts will still be there, but one does not feel them. This is a very effective method of balancing the functional brain.

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