#Self-love Sunday



I find it difficult to slow down in this fast pace life. Mostly for accountability, but also for inspiration I've started this series of posts called self-love Sunday. Ideally we should be doing things all day everyday to promote self-love. I know for me, I'm not the best at carving out time for myself, I always fill any bit of space I do have with tasks that have been thrown on the back burner. 


This week I've spend my Sunday cooking an Italian vegetable soup and baking cinnamon buns. I'm also indulging in this creepy, yet very satisfying face mask, paired with this lush galactica bath bomb. I love creating a spa like atmosphere in my bathroom, so I listen to tibetan singing bowls, light candles, and turn out the light. This really helps me fully relax and get out of my head. 


I love doing a 31 minute mediation on Sundays, tonight I'm doing Kirtan Kriya. Whatever you need at that moment, it will re-adjust and align you to bring balance into your mind and thus your life. I find my heart and soul needs nothing more than just quiet time to come back to everything that is important, no matter what is going on in my life. Self-love shouldn't just fall on a Sunday, but its nice to spend the day being kind to yourself and making space in your day to spend some quality time satisfying your needs. 





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