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Hey Everyone! 

We are popping up in Calgary, AB, on October 1st from 1:00-3:00 and we would love to see you. If shopping our latest pieces isn't incentive enough, we will have live music and yogi tea. Come out to Studio Sat Nam located at 718 17th Ave SW. I really hope to see you all there. 

xxo Laura



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Radiant Sutras Radio - Episode 5 - Self Love

Radiant Sutras Radio - Episode 5 - Self Love

Hello Lovers, 

This week we talked all about looooove, and how we cultivate a beautiful, radiant relationship with ourselves. 

Some things we talked about in this podcast are:

Kriya for Self Love.

Kriya for Self Animosity

Doctor Mitra Ray the beautiful goddess that talks all about gut flora. 

The amazing book called Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson. 

Sanja favourite Saje skin products

What is your favourite way to show yourself some self love?

xxo Laura & Sanja 


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Meditation for Emotional Balance

Meditation for Emotional Balance

Lets face it, the world is a little crazy right now, and all we can do is become balanced within and change ourselves in order to see change happen on the planet. Its all about perspectives and trusting your intuition to tell you whats really going on. Doing any type of breath excerise will help balance your nervous and glandular systems, which will release tension, and bring your whole being into balance. When you are balanced your intuition has a better chance of communicating with you. This meditation is great to do when you are stressed and you don't know what to do, you keep going over the thing in your head, you try and drop it, you say I chose to see this with love, but your mind keeps going there. Sit down and breathe. Thats it, breathe. This is the meditation for emotional balance (Sunia(n) Antar). 



Sitting in easy pose, bring your hands together in prayer mudra, in front of your heart centre, and Tune in with the Adi Mantra, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, repeating the mantra three times. This connects us with the golden chain. Connecting us to our ancestors, our teachers, the ones that come before us, the ones who are here now, and the ones who will come after us. 

Before practicing this meditation drink a glass of water. Sit in Easy Pose.

Mudra: Place the arms across the chest and lock hands under the armpits, with palms open and against the body. Raise the shoulders up tightly against the earlobes, without cramping the neck muscles. Apply Neck Lock.

Eyes: Close the eyes.
Breath: The breath will automatically become slow.

Time: Continue for 3 minutes, gradually increasing to 11 minutes.


This meditation is called Sunia(n) Antar. It is very good for women. It is essential at times when one is worried or upset and doesn’t know what to do, or when one feels like screaming, yelling, and misbehaving. When out of focus or emotional, attention should be given to the body’s water balance and breath rate. Humans are approximately 70 percent water, and behavior depends upon the relation of water and earth, air and ether. Breath, representing air and ether, is the rhythm of life. Normally we breathe 15 times a minute, but when we are able to rhythmically slow down the breath to only 4 breaths per minute, we have indirect control over our minds. This control eliminates obnoxious behavior, promoting a calm mind regardless of the state of affairs. When there is a water imbalance in the system, and the kidneys are under pressure, it can cause worry and upset. Drinking water, pulling the shoulders up to the ears and tightly locking the entire upper area creates a solid brake that can be applied to the four sides of the brain. After 2 or 3 minutes, thoughts will still be there, but one does not feel them. This is a very effective method of balancing the functional brain.

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Tips For Daily Sadhana

Tips For Daily Sadhana

I think its safe to say that the majority of us find a meditation or kriya that we have every intention of making a part of our daily sadhana practice. We stick to the daily practice for a week, maybe two, and then we just "forget" one day, or we have a really busy day and we just can't seem to fit in an 11 minute meditation that day. I have some tips to making your daily practice easier:

1) Write out a list of reasons and intentions that you have surrounding your practice. For example: I've been doing the basic breathe series and I do it because it makes me feel relaxed, alive, and connected. I intend to move through my life connected, aware, lively, relaxed, and joyful. I find that having underlying reasons or goals to the way I intend to show up in life helps me to stay committed to my daily practice.

2) Wake up and immediately do your practice. I find that if I keep procrastinating my practice into the evening, there is a larger opportunity for me to skip that day. The morning is such a beautiful, quiet space, especially after you have just risen. Your mind is still and you can fill it with beautiful mantra and positivity. Starting your day relaxed and connected to your higher being.

3) Start small. Nobody is holding you accountable for your whooping 2 1/2 hour aquarian sadhana commitment. As beautiful and life changing as committing to a practice like that is, its also something that you could work towards. Starting with an 11 minute meditation is a great way to dip your feet into the water, getting used to showing up for yourself and building confidence in the process. 11 minutes of meditation changes the glandular system and the nerves. Start small, build confidence and gradually extend your practices to longer lengths of time.

4) Have all day commitments for lasting change. This is a huge one for me, Its so easy to do your practice and move into your day in an unconscious state of mind. It's really easy to meet a co-worker at the water cooler and start gossiping about who did what last weekend at the office party. When you stay in your intentions, in your light, and in the truth of who you are, it becomes easier to not engage in limited conversations. Speak about the greatness you see in people, and that will give them the opportunity to show up in a greater way.

What ever your practice is, stay committed to ‘you’, committed to awakening the truth inside you, stay disciplined in getting to know you and experiencing that true power that lies within your soul.

Sat Nam,

xxo Laura


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Radiant Sutras Radio - Episode 4 - Goals & Intentions

Radiant Sutras Radio - Episode 4 - Goals & Intentions

Happy 2017 Yogis!

How are your incredible 2017 resolutions treating you, or more importantly, how are you treating them? This week is typically the week that people fall off of their new year's resolutions. In the newest episode of Radiant Sutras Radio, we help you nurture and nurse your goals and yourself! 

This episode I host goal-goddess, guest star, and Dope(a)me creator, Marin McCue. We discuss creating and navigating resolutions and intentions this new year and beyond. 

What are your goals in 2017? How will you be compassionate and curious towards them? Share in the comments below! 

Much love & constant growth, 


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Radiant Holiday Gift Guide

Heya Angels,

it's the giving season and Laura and I know that gifting can be equally joyous and stressful! In our Holiday edition of Radiant Sutras Radio LB and I talk about how you can make gift giving a conscious experience by giving based on your values. 

Do you value local economy and entrepreneurship? Buy from a small business in your community! 

Do you value design and craftsmanship? Buy directly from artisans and artists!

Do you value health and vitality? Buy wellness products that are toxin-free!

Do you value all of the above? Buy from our Radiant Gift Guide!

I wanted to bring more peace into your holidays, so I rounded up my favourite and most gorgeous, local, 'for good' goods for you to swoon over and give! Remember, there is nothing wrong with giving to yourself too! 

Sanja's (not Santa's) Good Goods Gift Guide: 

Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map Daily Planner (Signature Edition) $44 USD

I am absolutely obsessed with this daily planner (I never thought I would say that about a day planner, but the truth is the truth). I bought one for 2016 and it still brings me such joy to fill each page - yay for feeling your Core Desired Feelings (CDFs)! Everyday is an organized blessing with daily CDF goal setting, soul prompts, a time-honouring hourly schedule, a soulful to-do list, 'want to change' and gratitude corners, and Danielle LaPorte original #Truthbombs at the bottom of each day. PLUS, you can set monthly CDFs, goals, and intentions - it is very exciting people! Looking back on my year is such a pleasure, this planner is my most pure moment-to-moment daily diary and I am so grateful for it! Give others and yourself the gift of daily mindfulness and soul reorganization, get this planner and others on Danielle's website while supplies last, the limited edition planners already sold out!

These crystal candles are wicked - see what I did there? They are full of light, intention, and positive energy and this cardamom scent is absolutely divine and subtle. Each candle is locally hand-poured in Calgary, Alberta, by #girlboss and Greater Goods store owner Nicole Bracey. Greater Goods is the best place in #YYC to buy local goods designed and made by artists and makers, the store is absolutely adorable too. These candles are made with vegan soy wax, natural essential oils, and crushed and whole crystals! They come in five different energetic scents + crystals for any form of transformation you want to ignite and spread. 

Monogram Coffee & Ceramic Mugs $25 CDN 

Monogram is my favourite local coffee home in Calgary. We're a fast paced and often cold (it was -21C when I wrote this) city; there are few past times more sacred than enjoying a warm coffee with a friend at one of our many local roasters. Monogram has exceptional artisan beans and beverages and they collaborated with local artist Julia Schumacher, of Canmore, to create these one-of-a-kind ceramic mugs. In a fast coffee culture of endless to-go cups, I love wrapping my cold fingers around these hand-thrown handle-less mugs and enjoying a vegan nut mylk latte while my friend and I discuss the design of the space for the 100th time. A ceramic mug + Monogram's excellent coffee make a great gift for any coffee connoisseur in your life.  

Plume Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum $95 USD (30% for Canadians) 

Eyebrows are one of eleven female Moon Centers in Kundalini Yoga, they represent imagination, dreaming, and expansion. The #BrowGame is huge right now, but most brow products are not focused on the health of your natural brows. Enter, Plume Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum. I am so proud of this amazing local brand, I have the pleasure of being a part of branding and building it at my day-job at a digital agency. The serum nourishes and strengthens your actual God-given lash and brow hairs from the root up to help them grow, fill-in, and thicken. The 100% natural formula scores zero on the Think Dirty App - a great app to rank your cosmetics and body products for toxicity. I have used 2.5 tubes on my lashes and brows already and have longer and stronger lashes and epic brows ( I have almost completely reversed my teenage over-tweezing) #OnFleek. I love giving this as a gift to the women in my life, especially ones that have had brow and lash loss due to products, extensions, hormones, or aging. Plume has a holiday promotion on where you receive a free faux snake-skin cosmetics bag with each purchase, boom!

Oh She Glows Everyday Cookbook $20.44 CDN

Eating and sharing a plant-based diet is a fantastic way to live your values. Angela Liddon is my #1 vegan recipe angel and she's Canadian! Her newest cookbook, Oh She Glows Everyday, is full of easy and delicious recipes that can be made with simple canned and fresh ingredients - no obscure expensive ingredients I promise! The spicy cabbage soup and crowd-pleasing caesar salad are to die for, any omnivore won't notice it's vegan. Give the gift of home-cooking and healthy eating this holiday. 

Radiant Threads Angelique Top $58 CDN

This wouldn't be a Radiant Gift Guide without my favourite Radiant Threads top! The Angelique is so versatile and incredibly comfortable, I honestly feel like a goddess whenever I wear it. I love it even more than the Sanja Top which says a lot! The best part about the Angelique - other than its on-trend bell sleeves and soft organic cotton - is that it fits all shapes and sizes and can be dressed up or down. Perfect on your sheepskin or paired with jeans and a long necklace for work. Give the gift of Angelique's radiance to any woman in your life.

Radiant Threads Winter Edition Crystal-infused Meditation Cushion $95 CDN 

Our number-one peaceful suggestion suggestion? Meditate, meditate, meditate! My cat and I both adore our colourful crystal-infused meditation cushion Laura hand-makes and filled with organic buckwheat hulls and various crystals. The feathery winter edition is gorgeous and more neutral for any design decor and taste. This edition is infused with loving and heart-opening Rose Quartz, because everyone needs some more heart in the holidays. These meditation cushions are really comfortable - got me through an 8-hour day of White Tantric yoga and meditation comfortable - and they're great for kids too. My favourite feature is the handle sewn into the side, for epic crystal booty meditations on the go! This makes an excellent gift for any on-the-go meditator and yogi, order before the 22nd for the Holidays!

Have other local GOODS you love to give? Share them with us in the comments below. 

Reminder: We're going on Holidays to enhance our radiance!

Place your Holiday Radiant Threads orders before Thursday, December 22! We're stopping shipping between December 22-January 15. 

Giving you much much love & warm holiday wishes.

Sat Nam, 

Sanja (Gian Shakti Kaur) 



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Meditation for a Calm Heart

Meditation for a Calm Heart

In our last episode of our podcast Radiant Sutras Radio we talked about Meditation for a Calm Heart, for you to have in your tool kit during the holidays, or really just any moment in time when your allowing fear to take over.
Yogi Bhajan's comments for this meditation are: The proper home of the subtle force, prana, is in the lungs and heart. The left palm is paled at the natural home of the prana, creating a deep stillness at the point. The right hand that throws you into action and analysis is placed in a receptive, relaxed mudra and put in the position of peace. The entire posture induces the feeling of calmness. It technically create a still point for the prana, at the heart centre.
Emotionally, this meditation adds clear perception to your relationships with yourself and others. If you are upset at work or in a personal relationship, sit in this meditation for 3 to 15 minutes before deciding how to act. Then act with your full heart. Physically, this meditation strengthens the lungs and heart. 
Sit in easy pose (crossed legs), with a slight neck lock (chin into the chest). 
Your eyes are 1/10th open looking straight ahead. 
Place the left hand on the centre of the chest at the heart centre. The palm is flat against the chest, and the fingers are parallel to the ground, pointing to the right. Make Gyan Mudra with the right hand (touch the tip of the index finger with the tip of the thumb). Raise the right hand up to the right side as if giving a pledge. The palm faces forward, the three fingers not in gran mudra point up. The elbow is relaxed near the side with the forearm perpendicular to the ground. 
Concentrate on the flow of the breath. Regulate each bit of the breath consciously. Inhale slowly and deeply through both nostrils. Then suspend the breath in and raise the chest. Retain it as long as possible. Then exhale smoothly, gradually, and completely. When the breath is totally out, lock the breath out for as long as possible. 
continue for 3-31 minutes. 
To end inhale and exhale strongly 3 times. Relax.
I hope this helps you get through the holidays with joy and peace. 
xx Laura
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Radiant Sutras Radio - Episode 2 - Yogic Lifestyle

Radiant Sutras Radio - Episode 2 - Yogic Lifestyle



Here it is, the second episode of Radiant Sutras Radio, our new bi-weekly podcast! In this episode we talk about what it means to bring your yoga off the mat and into your life and relationships. 


Like the podcast? Share it with your friends! 

Let us know how you incorporate yogic principles into your everyday life in the comments below.

See our lifestyle in action on Instagram @radiantthreads and share your lifestyle! 

xxo Laura 

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Radiant Sutras Radio - Episode 1 - Kundalini 101

Radiant Sutras Radio - Episode 1 - Kundalini 101

We started a podcast!

Radiant Sutras Radio Episode 1 Kundalini 101

Laura and I (Sanja) want to share our journeys with Kundalini Yoga, growing Radiant Threads, and life with you.

Listen to our first episode about Kundalini Yoga 101 and how our journeys began.

Did you like our first episode? Share it with your besties!  

How did you Kundalini Yoga journey begin? 

Leave your answers and comments in the comments below! 

Sat Naam, 

Sanja, VP of Spreading the Love <3 

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Upcoming Markets

Yoga Santosha Christmas Market- December 5th 4-8pm

Yoga In Bowness- November 26


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